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Bournemouth Investments

Developing and Protecting our Clients Wealth

Our guiding principle is to provide first class investment advice. How do we achieve this?

We first ascertain your financial planning goals and confirm your objectives, dreams and aspirations. These should always be medium to long term goals with an absolute minimum of 5 years.

We need to be clear that you fully understand and are comfortable with the level of risk that you are willing to take with your portfolio. This will include the level of downside that you are comfortable with in the bad times as well as the level of upside that you would hope to achieve when markets are good.

We agree with you the spread of investments (otherwise known as asset allocation) whether it is equity unit or investment trusts, bond funds, gilts and commercial property funds.

We will discuss with you tactical changes in both adverse and booming times to try and protect your money.

We select suitable funds to reflect your agreed asset mix

These will then be reviewed with you at the agreed time and will include rebalancing where appropriate

Situations that we have control over

  • Applying a strict research criteria to selection of funds
  • Reviewing all of the best funds and fund platforms/wraps in which to place your investment
  • We look for consistent returns and good fund managers

Situations that we have no control over

World economic events and imprudent governments spending more than they can realistically afford. We believe that good budgeting and prudential money management is vital at all times for everybody, from individuals to businesses to governments.

Trying to time the market to the best effect. We are however able to offer phased investment over a period of months in difficult and volatile times.

The effect of global currency changes on investment returns.

Natural disasters

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